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- School Policy -

To everyone involved in AS Hockey School. Please check below.

①Safety Management Policy

Protect life and protect from obstacles.

We will check the safety of the rink equipment in advance. (Board, goal, etc.)

In order to enjoy hockey safely, all participants comply with the equipment regulations set by the Japan Ice Hockey Federation and the local ice hockey federation under their jurisdiction, and wear neck guards, mouth guards, and jocks as they did during official wartime. Wear all armor, including. We may refuse to attend school if you are not wearing full armor or if it is determined that your armor is damaged and you cannot play safely.

Set the water supply time about once every 10 minutes. It is recommended to take water even during the drill.

Understanding the correct rules. Have them learn the correct rules while practicing. Prohibition of dangerous acts using tools such as skates and sticks. We will inform you of the prohibition of body checking etc.

②Psychological Safety Policy

Providing an environment where players will love ice hockey.

[Good Communication]

Kids, parents, and coaching staff actively communicate.

Smile and cheerful greetings.

Communicate with positive attitudes, facial expressions and expressions.

Do not allow others to speak badly or secretly.

Lots of conversations! Let's respect each other.

③Coaching Policy

Providing an environment where children can be absorbed.

Create an environment where you can play safely and securely.

Stay fair to all players.

Coaches should be disciplined and behave as much as possible as role models for children and schools.

The coach is a coach. I'm willing to entertain, but I'm not an easy friend.

Coaching Principles ① "Good habits"

Coaching Principle ② "Skills"

We value the process for growth over success.

Make the growth of the player the greatest joy.

Keep learning to keep teaching.

④Policy of Participating Players

We value the process for growth over success.

The things below do not require talent.

Challenge with a positive attitude.

Give a cheerful greeting.

Do not get loose in time.

Use the place cleanly.

On and off switching (listening posture, doing the best, getting out, relaxing after practice).

⑤Parental Participation Policy

AS Hockey School encourages children to act responsibly and independently. We also strive to provide a safe and positive environment in which all participants, including parents, help each other.

We ask parents to do their utmost to support and support their children during the school. Please do not give or teach children in any form during school, such as on the link side. Violence, verbal threats, loud yells, and negative comments to children, coaches, officials, Rink staff, and other parents are never allowed. Violators may be asked to leave the link immediately and be prohibited from participating in the future. For safety reasons, parents are kindly requested not to watch or observe the game from the board where there is no protective net.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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