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Skill Development 9U Station Based Practice. 2022.5.9

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AS-9U Drill





Basic , Fundamentals


Skating:Balance Edge work

Puck control:Basic Puck control

Small area:Individual Skill&Tactics(Offense)

Passing and Receiving:Stationery Pass and Receiving

Shooting:Rap around / Rebound shot


1) AS - 9U Edge control 1-3

2) AS - 9U 8cones Handling Drills 3

3) AS - 9U Mirroring Drill with Puck to 2 v 1

4) AS - 9U One top passing

5) AS - 9U Shoot from Behind the Net and Rebound



Week3 (W3)

Short Play, Behind the Net & Screen Shots and Puck Handling


Cycle1 (C1)

Behind the Net & Screen Shots Fundamental


1. Skating Drill

  • C cut forward & backward

  • C cut forward Butterfly & backward

  • Diamond Skating

2.Behind the Net & Screen Shots Fundamental

  • Behind the Net Basics

  • Behind the Net Basics with shot


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