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Skill Development 12U Station Based Practice. 2023.6.12

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AS-12U Drill




[Station Concept]

Station1:Skating with puck

Station2:Moving puck control

Station3:Group Tactics

Station4:Group Tactics

Station5:Group Scoring


Skating with puck:Quick feet

Moving puck control :Puck protection

Group Tactics:Break out

Group Tactics:Break out

Group Scoring:Rebound shot and Rebound


1) AS-12U 8 Cone Skills

2) AS-12U Puck protection handling

3) AS-12U Break out option1 L/R(Q-up/Wheel/D-D over)

4) AS-12U Break out option1 L/R(Q-up/Wheel/D-D over)

5) AS-12U 2-0 rebound scoring



Rebounds and Lateral Movement


Freezing Short Rebound


Skating Drill

  • Diamond Skating ZigZag

Freezing Short Rebound

  1. Toss and Freeze Side to Side

  2. Slide and Freeze the puck off the pad

  3. Bouncy Rebound


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