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Skill Development 12U Station Based Practice. 2023.5.29

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AS-12U Drill




[Station Concept]

Station1:Skating with puck

Station2:Moving puck control

Station3:Passing and Receiving




Skating with puck:Quickness, Agility1-1

Moving puck control :Turn

Passing and Receiving:Moving

Shooting:Quick release

Scoring:Clean shot / Behind the net


1) AS-12U Quick feet with puck

2) AS-12U Escape turn with puck

3) AS-12U 2 Man pass keep space

4) AS-12U Quick release shot from pass continue

5) AS-12U Mohawk shot



Basic Saves Fundamentals (W1)


Angle Adjustment (C2, W1)


Skating Drill

  • Diamond Skating ZigZag

Angle Adjustment

  1. Drive down

  2. Slot across

  3. Down or Across inside Slot

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