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Skill Development 12U Station Based Practice. 2023.2.20

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AS-12U Drill




[Station Concept]

Station1:Puck control and Passing

Station2:Offense concept

Station3:Offense concept

Station4:Small area game


Puck control and passing :Mohawk and one touch pass

Offense concept :Break out Quick up/ Middle pass

Small area game:1on1 Loose puck battle


1) AS-12U mohawk skating w_handling & pass

2+3) AS-12U Break out with shot(Quick up / Middle)L/R

4) AS-12U 1on1 Loose puck battle



Rebounds and Lateral Movement (W2)


Following and Freezing the Rebounds Fundamental (C1,W2)



  • AS - GK Straight Line Skating 1

Following and Freezing the Rebounds Fundamental

  • Lateral Pass T-Push Across

  • Lateral Pass T-Push Across and Rebound


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