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Skill Development 12U Station Based Practice. 2023.1.9

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AS-12U Drill




[Station Concept]

Station1+2:Skating with Moving Puck control

Station3:1on1 offense

Station4:1on1 defense

Station5:Scoring Break away


Skating with Moving Puck control :Zig zag cross over

1on1 offense:Carry out

1on1 defense:Stick on puck / protect inside

Scoring Break:1on1 break away with back pressure


1+2)AS-12U 9 Cone Skills

3)AS-Carry-out 1on1 Battle

4)AS-12U simple puck keep battle

5)AS-12U 1on1 Break away chase from behind(Deking)


[Concept] Short Play, Behind the Net & Screen Shots and Puck Handling (W3)

[Subject] Behind the Net & Screen Shots Fundamental (C1,W3)

[Drill] Skating

  • Spin & Up

  • Jump & Turn

Behind the Net & Screen Shots Fundamental

  • Behind the Net Basics

  • Behind the Net Basics with shot


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