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Skill Development 12U Station Based Practice. 2022.12.12

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AS-12U Drill




[Station Concept]


Station2:Moving Puck control and passing

Station3:Moving Puck control with pressure


Station5: Quick release shot


Skating:Hop and Turn

Moving Puck control and passing:Deke

Moving Puck control with pressure:Fake / ESC move

1on1 :Carry out use the net

Scoring:1on1 Give and Go


1) AS-12U Hop & turn

2) AS-12U Deke moving puck control & pass

3) AS-12U Puck handling and chase from behind

4) AS-12U Carry out use the net

5) AS-12U 1on1 Tactics Give and Go shot



Rebounds and Lateral Movement(W2)


Rebound Fundamental (C1,W2)


1. Skating Drill

  • AS - Goalie - Basic saves : Spin & Up

  • AS - GK Jump and Turn

2. Rebound Fundamental

  • No Rebound Zone Progression

  • Lng Rbd with Pass/Shot : 4shot side to side


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